Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Spring 2010

I am very excited about Spring 2010. Although it seems as if it will never get here. I am waiting with tapping feet.

Besides the obvious which is the warmer weather, the fancy parties and just an all around good mood of life. The FASHION will be insane.

The "MC HAMMMER" pants will be a major trend. Also very tight dresses will be a must have. The whole Kim Kardashian look will be in full effect.

Also anything with flowers on it buy because floral will be huge. Floral dress, Floral pants just everything floral will be sooo fun. I am actually xcited about this one because I love clothing with tons of color.

But mainly and a staple pieces and must have will be the faithful JEGGINS. Please don't thank this is in no way a fad these babies are hear to stay.

Great Jeggin brands are Hue and Joe's Jeans. I personally have the Hue Jeggins I love them and they are an awesome fit

Well nice chatting it up about Spring until we blog again