Sunday, March 22, 2009


On of my most favorite fashion films was SCARFACE everyone loves this movie but for diffeerent reasons. I truly loved the fashhion in the movie, especially the dress Michelle Phiefer had on, when she and Tony was dancing at the club. I love vintage and that dress in my opinion was timeless. Back then fabrics were heavy and patterns had substance. Sidebar take Phyllis Hyman her album cover with the blue background she had on an all head beading kimono. When I google the top it was all hand done and extremely heavy. Today clothes are mass produced and nothing has love in it. Every designer except the high end ones ie Chanel, Valetino, Calvin Klein Collection so on in so forth mass produce their garments and it takes away from the craftmanship of the piece. And then you have what I call the fast food store like Forever 21 that just makes everyone forget the true meaning of fashion. So the moral of this Blog is a good classic garment you will have a lifetime