Thursday, April 16, 2009

What does it mean to be HATED ON

You know I hear this so much the it is almost the new one line clique. People love to say someone is HATING on me. We all say this at least 10 times a day. But the question becomes is people really hating on you or is it something else. Lets explore...if everytime you turn around someone is hating on you then lets look at you. Ok so sometimes a person at a distance could be hating on you but if people close to you in your immediate circle is hating on you then there's an issue with you. We have to responsible for who enters our space. There's a free test you can use. God gave it to use all its called DECERNMENT. Basically if something doesn't fill right than it aint right. Why wait until something happens to remove ourselves from a situation. If people close to you are not what you need them to be then remove yourself from that space. Don't surrond yourself with people who aren't for you. Fill your space with people who love you care abot you and happy for you.
Now that will not eliminate all the Haters but a least that will remove them from your immediate space.
Think about it.


I read something today that Rev Run wrote and it read "we all know what to do to have a better life" profound but the thing is we do the complete opposite. We try short cuts to acheive everything. Like they say we live in a microwave era. But the thing is, everything has been written to give us a better life. People get paid millions of dollars to write "the right way to live". Exercise three times a week, don't smoke, drink 8 glasses of water, eat vegatables, and a laundry list of options. But if I line 8 people up not one will follow "THE LAWS OF A BETTER LIFE" and the funny thing is each time we break the law we indeed shave years off our lives. We also begin to live in this stressful downward spiral. A life of health problems, anxiety, sleeping disorders and God knows what else but if we would just sit down and write out a least 5 things we could do to make our lives better we would be amazed. It reminds me of a seeing it is easy to do the wrong thing but hard to do the right thing.
I challenge everyone including myself to make a list of a least 5 to 8 things that we can do to have a better life and do it for a week and see how much peace we will have.

Stay tuned

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


What is it? How do I get it? Self expression is something everyone can acheive. It comes in many ways. People can express their selves through many outlets. One is writing another is music and of course my favorite clothing/dressing.
You can express who you are and what you stand for through your choice of style.
Lets take rapper/actor Andre 3000 I totally love him and love how he has an non- tradional and unexpected since of style.
That's his way of expression he will not conform to the norm or the expected. And does it with out saying a word just by his clothing choice.
style is a good we to be free and do as you please green hair, orange hair, it doesn't matter it is your choice and that's the beauty of it. To me Baltimore is one of the most stylist cities the people here dress and express themselves how the feel not what's in magazines or the typical trend.
The thing is everyone is free to express themselves how they chose and with clothing you are to create your own since of style and define what type of character you want to be you can let everyone know what your are saying without saying a word.
So next time you get dress feel free to EXPRESS YOURSELF