Thursday, April 16, 2009


I read something today that Rev Run wrote and it read "we all know what to do to have a better life" profound but the thing is we do the complete opposite. We try short cuts to acheive everything. Like they say we live in a microwave era. But the thing is, everything has been written to give us a better life. People get paid millions of dollars to write "the right way to live". Exercise three times a week, don't smoke, drink 8 glasses of water, eat vegatables, and a laundry list of options. But if I line 8 people up not one will follow "THE LAWS OF A BETTER LIFE" and the funny thing is each time we break the law we indeed shave years off our lives. We also begin to live in this stressful downward spiral. A life of health problems, anxiety, sleeping disorders and God knows what else but if we would just sit down and write out a least 5 things we could do to make our lives better we would be amazed. It reminds me of a seeing it is easy to do the wrong thing but hard to do the right thing.
I challenge everyone including myself to make a list of a least 5 to 8 things that we can do to have a better life and do it for a week and see how much peace we will have.

Stay tuned