Friday, June 26, 2009

RIP Micheal Jackson

It is very hard to believe that Micheal Jackson is gone. It just seems like some people will live forever. It truly seems like great man die suddenly. The same thing happened to my dad. I think God does it that we way to let you know he was ready for that person to return home. The thing is MJ was not scared to reach deep in his soul to deliver a message through a song or a concert or a video. He lived his life for him and not what people thought. I think when you have the ability to live inside out you are truly blessed.

His legacy will live forever and ever. The ability to change the world. The ability to be known in every country and in every language came about because he wasn't scared to be a LEADER. Being that powerful is a gift and a curse because people fear it but have the energy to try to stop it.

He leave behind a wealth of music that my great great grand children will listen too. And the famous one glove, the leather jacket and the penny loafers. Which to this day is still wore. Kayne did it Chris Brown did it a trademark from the early 80's that's still hard to duplicate.

I want to be more like MJ touch lives of everyone I touch. He was truly amazing and a God sent and will be missed. RIP mj