Tuesday, August 11, 2009

*******SHOPPING MANUAL****************

Fall brings about a sense of calm and peace. It's always a joy for me to shop for a new season. Fall/Winter tends to be my favorite season for clothing. I love a the rich textures and amazing sweaters.
This season last much longer which mean you need more clothing. As a stylist I always tell people to start with the basics staple pieces. When you do that it gives you a nice foundation to build on, so your not spending crazy amounts of money. Once you have your STAPLES you can begin adding in other dynamics. Like splashes of colors and rich textures and great accessories.
Here's a few example a staple items you can start with. A nice quality pair of black dress pants from Banana Repulic are just amazing to have, a classic white botton up shirt, a nice fitted blazer, of course a nice pair of your favorite jeans, an amazing leather jacket, a fly trench coat, a pencil skirt, your basic color shoes or boots.
The basic foundation of dressing is to build a nice foundation first. And with key staple garments helps a lot. Once you have that you will find that you have more to clothing to wear and you spend way less money.
Stay tuned next Blog will be on PARTY DRESSES